Friday, March 6, 2015

San Diego Safari Park

Andrew and I went to Murrieta to visit/work with his dad and get some much needed travel time in. I shot a bunch of photos for his doctors offices, which was surprisingly hard and long but I was able to push myself in an area where I'm rarely shooting. Indoors, strangers, variable light sources and limited lighting equipment. I think they turned out okay, hopefully everyone else does too.

After our work was done we went to the Safari Park in San Diego, I took a lot of pictures but I didn't like most of them because of light issues (middle of the day) But these are the ones I  really loved.

Not dead, just lazy!  Meerkats.


Prey off in the distance

This flower was so brightly colored it was out of gamut for both my camera and computer. I had to desaturated it to look semi normal.

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