Saturday, January 12, 2013

What to do When You Find a Cat.

Most of you are on facebook with me and I really use it way too much to post little tidbits about our life there. So many already know that I found a kitten in the UVU dumpster last week outside the ceramics room. There wasn't anything in the dumpster but a couple of boxes and this little black blur. I had heard her whine as I walked by and a older gentlemen helped me get her out and with out thinking twice I texted Andrew and told him I was bringing home a kitten. He was more than OK with it.

Upon arriving at the house I had to figure out how I was going to get her OUT of my car, she had crawled out of the little box she was in and was now somewhere under the seats. I ended up fishing her out with a long spoon and a pair of oven mitts.

By the time I brought her in she was so exhausted she calmed down quickly and stopped spitting and lashing out at me. So much so I was able to clip her long dirty claws and even GIVE HER A BATH and I lived. After the bathe, there was a ring of dirt around the sink but she smelled less like a carport. She snuggled just fine in my shirt and is the most lovable kitty, she purrs and sleeps with you.

The first thing you do ESPECIALLY if you have other kitties is put the new cat in the bathroom, and close the door. I put her in there with food, water, litter, and a little bed for her to curl up on underneath a shelf. Then I let the other cats sniff around and get used to her scent. Over the course of 2 days I slowly introduce her (after deworming) by letting her out occasionally to snuggle with us. We keep the pantry closed (because of little hiding spaces) and usually our room so she doesn't get under the bed.
Sometimes the other cats accept her sometimes not, it's touch and go. For a while I was trying to convince Andrew to give her to a good home but ultimately we decided to keep her, which made Andrew happy of course.

I've been rightly accused of being the crazy cat lady but in all fairness Andrew is a crazy cat lady too.


  1. I AM glad you rescued her. It seems like she needed it.

    I was going to tell you, I think you should call her Nixie Nox. The only other time I've heard that name is in the Dr. Seuss book of ABC's - when it comes to the letter, "x", it says, "X is very useful if your name is Nixie Nox. It also comes in handy when spelling, 'axe' and 'extra fox'"

    Maybe she could take your name and be called, Nixie Nox Fox. :D

  2. Wooo! Another kitty for the Morris family! You are not the crazy cat lady, you are the rescue cat lady. That's more legit!


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