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I am married to my wonderful husband and best friend Andrew we have 2 cats and live in Pleasant Grove Utah. We are currently students at BYU and UVU I am studying Photography and he is studying genetics. In our spare time we like to garden, watch British shows, eat lots, and play with our kitties. We love movies, and new tasty restaurants!


  1. Hello,
    I'm part of a service organization that is currently working a woman named Angel Van Gilder, and I'm curious to know more about her before we allow her to become a member. I'm seeing quite a few red flags, and want to determine if the person you described as getting arrested is the same person. Our organization is well known, and we want to be careful who we bring aboard. Can you tell me more about Angel/Angela? The one that is applying with us is young, blond (however I believe she changes her hair color often), claims to be a crisis counselor, and would have moved to California about a year ago. Does this sound like the same person? You can reach me at smoon44@yahoo.com. Appreciate your help --- Serena

  2. Hi Laura, I randomly checked your blog today.. I'm sorry about what you have been going through with your health and your parents! I am learning a lot about hypothyroidism the last few weeks because I have hashimoto's. I'm still learning, but it looks like there are things you can do that really help. Let me know if you ever want to compare notes :-) Much love, Kristi


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